Reliable, Cost Effective, Exceptional Service

In our 35 years in business we have used many IT firms from large to small resulting in nothing but disappointment. During that time, we had been made promises and commitments to win our business that ended up being little more than idle talk.  This resulted in both business disruption and lost revenue.

Since working with Allstate Networks for 15 years we have improved the quality and efficiency of our business thru innovative and state of the art Information Technology solutions specific to our business model. However, when there is a need for immediate assistance because of system or carrier related problems we have always found Allstate Networks to be immediately available to provide the assistance required to get us up and running again quickly and cost effectively.

Allstate Networks provides reliable, cost effective, exceptional service

Steve D. President of Architectural company
New York City

Quick Thinking and Support

I just wanted to thank you for your attentiveness to our company during the week after Hurricane Irene. While every office tries to anticipate casualty and loss and minimize the damage to its records, we never considered a power outage for a week, add accounting season into the mix and it truly was the perfect storm.

Your quick reaction to get me and my personnel access to their computers in our off-site data storage was the life saver we needed! We were all able to work from the comforts of our own home and accomplish what my office needed to accomplish because of your anticipating our needs.

I cannot thank you enough for your quick thinking in the wake of a truly tough week.

John W. President
General Contractor company

Incredible Service Since The Inception

Allstate Networks provides our firm with incredible service and has since inception. Sig Wolff truly understands the nature of our small business and the problems we encounter if our computer system is crippled in any way.

Give Sig a call today, we highly recommend Allstate Networks!!

Jozef Z. President
Engineering company
New Jersey

For 20 Years the Service Level is Exceptional

As one of the first customers of Allstate Networks, I always appreciated their professionalism, sincerity, and fast responses, time and time again. Their typical response time to any emergency we have is always immediate.

Being a very busy office, we take great comfort in knowing we have around the clock IT care at our fingertips via phone, email, or having a tech come on site to help. On call is highly knowledgeable in dealing with all IT emergencies engineer. They bring cost-effective measures when presenting us with solutions that will fit our wants and needs.

Best of all, they always bring a complete and total solution to the table any time we have an IT need – it’s all done for us and that is what we need so we can concentrate on our business.

Their staff expertise in the Construction/Engineering/Architectural fields allow us to know that we are operating on the safest possible level with the best team in the business backing our network. AllState Networks as our choice for an IT Support Provider was great for our business since day one.

James D. VP of Construction/Commercial Real Estate
New Jersey